What does this icon mean?

What does this icon mean?

I don’t want to waste your time, the questions below are the top questions that we have received from many of our dear users. So here is all the important information up front:

What does this icon mean?
It means that this bay is equipped with Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers. We call this ParkEasy Reserve + Recharge bays.

I don’t drive an EV, can I still park in these bays?
YES, all cars are welcome! Just note that the parking rates are the same regardless of whether you use the charger.

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How we accidentally gave one user a lifetime supply of ParkEasy

How we accidentally gave one user a lifetime supply of ParkEasy

In a startup you have limited resources and little time to get things done. As you might expect, things are rushed and sometimes mistakes are made. We've made many and here's one of them. We accidentally gave one user a lifetime supply of free credits. To find out how that happened and what happened after, you gotta read on. 

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Dinner by Symphony Walk in iOi City Mall

Image Credit to gowhere.my

Image Credit to gowhere.my

It's almost a cliche to see water displays with lights at hotels or shopping malls. But I assure you, Symphony Walk is no cliche. 

I was tired from a long day of work when I decided to go to iOi City Mall for dinner. Looking at the flickering lights in the distance from the ground floor entrance, my fiancé and I were drawn towards Symphony walk. We didn't plan a romantic dinner out, but there we were. The gentle breeze from the open air, glistening lights and skipping waters danced in sync to the rhythm of the melody playing in the background. It was effortless romance.

Extravagant restaurants with breathtaking views are great for eventful dinners such as valentines day or an anniversary, but once in a while you just want somewhere with a relaxing ambience and a dinner that doesn't break the bank.

If you're planning to have a fulfilling meal by Symphony Walk, you have the option of Morganfield's and Johnny Rockets. If coffee and tea is more your speed, they have Starbucks and Dal Komm Coffee too. 

Symphony Walk  features musical fountains paired with dazzling lights. It's playlist includes; Titanium by David Guetta, The Moon Represents My Heart by Teresa Teng, Happy by Pharrell Williams, Good Time by Owl City and Without You by David Guetta.

Symphony Walk Musical Schedule
Monday to Thursday
7:20PM | 8:00PM | 8:30PM | 9:00PM | 9:30PM

Friday to Sunday
7:20PM | 8:00PM | 8:30PM | 9:00PM | 9:30PM | 10:00PM

There's nothing more frustrating than having to look for parking in the brink of starvation. Do your belly a favour and reserve your car park at iOi City Mall.  

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Why we're focusing on ParkEasy Reserve

by Warren Chan, CEO of ParkEasy

On 24 March, ParkEasy Share will be discontinued in favour of ParkEasy Reserve. This is why.

The Beginning

On 27 Sep 2016, ParkEasy announced ParkEasy Share to the world with much fanfare. The idea was to put the power to solve parking into the hands of those who suffer from it.  The idea was to solve the parking problem together as a community. 

It's quite simple - allow people who want parking to exchange with people who are leaving their parking. Voila! Problem solved.

People were already doing that without ParkEasy, and we believed that with the help of an app, we could make it easier and thus happen more.
And guess what? We did. We succeeded.
In the few months that ParkEasy Share operated, we processed close to 8000 requests in 2 of the most congested malls in the Klang Valley - Sunway Pyramid and Mid Valley Megamall. The response was great with lots of positive feedback and happy repeat users. With all this great news, why terminate the service?

ParkEasy Share has Parkers and Leavers. Those who want parking, and those who are leaving. In an ideal system, the number of Parkers equal the number of Leavers. Unfortunately, we often found there were more Parkers than Leavers. There are a few reasons for this, but the main one was the Parker to Leaver conversion rate. We found that 7 out of 10 successful Parkers will become a Leaver. Ask anyone and they'll tell you this is an impressive conversion rate. Yet, it was simply not enough. 

Imagine on a normal day ParkEasy's first round of exchanges has 100 successful Parkers who later become 70 Leavers. 
Then on the next round, the most you can have is 70 Parkers, who later become 49 Leavers (70*70%). 
Then on the next round, the most you can have is 49 Parkers, who later become 34 Leavers (49*70%) and so on and so forth.

As you can see, unless you have (a) 100% conversion rate; or (b) enough 'new' Leavers who were not Parkers first, you will always find the number decreasing. Furthermore, even if you manage to get 100 Parkers to become 100 Leavers, that is only enough to maintain the user base, not to grow it. 

Two of the most famous startups that leverage the power of user communities is Uber and Airbnb. Uber has Drivers and Riders, Airbnb has Hosts and Guests, ParkEasy has Parkers and Leavers. While it may seem that ParkEasy Share is using the same model, there is a fundamental difference. While one Driver may serve many Riders, or one Host may serve many Guests; one Parker may serve only one Leaver. 

Due to this unavoidable spanner in the clockwork, we have decided to terminate ParkEasy Share.


ParkEasy Reserve

Since January this year, we've been operating ParkEasy Reserve in iOi City Mall with an amazing response and growth. Through ParkEasy Reserve, all you need to do is press "Reserve" to guarantee yourself a space for just 1 credit (RM1). Once a reservation is made, you have 1 hour to reach and claim your parking spot or else it will be forfeit together with your booking fee. 

Our vision is to emulate countries like Australia, UK and US where car park bookings have become normal. Rather than everyone visiting at the same time and fighting for parking. Customers can book appointments so that they arrive at different times and get to park instantly.

I hope you get the opportunity to try us out at iOi City Mall soon or elsewhere as we expand. 
Think of anywhere where parking is hard, like malls, shop lots, universities, schools, hospitals. 
If you or someone you know manages such an area, please let us know and we'll see how we can solve their parking problems.

After all, life is too short to be spent on parking. 

Have a Parking Awesome day!

5 reasons to go to Icescape in iOi City Mall

ParkEasy Icescape iOi City Mall

There's just something therapeutic about ice skating. Some might tease it's a feminine sport but head over to iOi City Mall and Icescape will prove to you that both male and female find it an enjoyable past time. 

If you've never ice skated before, particularly in iOi City Mall, these are 5 reasons why you should.

1. Skate like an Olympian. 
Okay, sort of. Icescape is the first and only Olympic sized Ice Skating Rink in Malaysia. So if you ever want to brag you did anything like an Olympian without doing any hard work, say you skated like one.

2. Awesome Prices
You're looking at spending RM30 on a weekday and RM35 on the weekend, school/public holiday. If you want to just tag along as a visitor and not skate, it's RM5 per entry. Pretty good for a top notch ice skating rink!

3. Awesome Coaches
If you're the type A kiasu person that needs to be the best, they even provide coaching lessons! You could walk in, or schedule a private or group coaching and the price ranges from RM65 per person to RM380. But RM380 gets you 5 one-on-one lessons with their head coach. Don't play play, their ice rink manager, Mr. Phua was trained by the Olympic coach, Matthew Smith in Los Angeles, USA. He also performed in "Disney On Ice", the world's largest ice show!

4. Rails
And if you're the type that likes to wing it and play it by ear, Icescape designed rails to aid inexperienced ice skaters. All you've got to do is keep your foot on the ice and shuffle forward.

5. These penguins!
Aren't these the cutest things?! These are Penguin Skating Aid for kids. Though, I suppose if you insist, you could use 'em too. These go for RM30 per hour, money is no object to your kid's safety. 

Image credit to hiphippopo.com

Image credit to hiphippopo.com

Head over to Icescape iOi City Mall and get your Blades of Glory on. But before you do, reserve your carpark in iOi City Mall to save time on parking and spend more time on ice!  

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