What does this icon mean?

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I don’t want to waste your time, the questions below are the top questions that we have received from many of our dear users. So here is all the important information up front:

What does this icon mean?
It means that this bay is equipped with Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers. We call this ParkEasy Reserve + Shell Recharge bays.

I don’t drive an EV, can I still park in these bays?
YES, all cars are welcome! Just note that the parking rates are the same regardless of whether you use the charger.

How much is the rate?
For the most up to date rates, please refer to the app itself. As of the time of this blog post, the rates are:

Reservation fee: 3 or 5 credits (weekdays or weekends)
Hourly fee: 2.80 credits (this is only RM1 more than electricity cost)
On top of existing parking rates.

Where are these new bays?

  1. Sunway Pyramid, 5 bays

  2. Sunway Velocity, 2 bays (these bays are XL-size)

  3. Sunway Pinnacle, 3 bays

  4. IOI City Mall, 2 bays

  5. More to come

For more information on these bays. You can click here.

Alright, with the important information covered, here’s some extra information if you’re keen to know why we’re doing this, read on.
(Please note that we are still continuing to acquire and launch sites that are not equipped with EV chargers.)

Charging Anxiety
While most of us drive normal cars, we still often face the issue of finding an empty car park. For those that drive EVs, their problem is further magnified because even in places with many normal car parks, there are usually only 1 or 2 EV car parks. As a result, EV drivers often face charging anxiety.

That’s when you’re driving an EV car, low on power, and have no guarantee that the destination you’re heading to will have an unoccupied EV charger. Luckily, most EVs on the road today are Plug-in Hybrid EVs (PHEVs). This means that even if they run out of battery power, they can still rely on fossil fuel. Nonetheless, most PHEV owners prefer to drive on battery power rather than fossil fuel (that’s why they bought a PHEV in the first place). Hence, ParkEasy has now entered this space to address charging anxiety and provide true peace of mind to EV owners when it comes to enjoying their EV experience.

Charging Etiquette
While there are already few EV charging bays around, the issue is further exacerbated by the civic-mindedness of those who park in EV charging bays. It is not uncommon to find fully-charged EVs parked in EV charger bays. Given that there is no incentive for an EV owner to move their car when fully charged, it is no surprise that this occurs frequently. It is for this reason, that ParkEasy does not charge users on electricity drawn, instead, we charge users based on parking duration. This way, EV owners are encouraged to vacate their bays when fully-charged lest they continue to incur hourly fee. On the other hand, those who intentionally leave their fully-charged EV occupying an EV bay need not feel guilt as they are paying for the service (we know it’s hard to move a car in the middle of a movie).

Charging Infrastructure
Perhaps the most important issue to address is charging infrastructure. It is inevitable that an energy shift is happening globally. For vehicles, this is a shift from fossil fuels to electric vehicles. However, one of the biggest hurdles to overcome for an aspiring EV owner is addressing the concern of ‘where can I charge my car?’. If Malaysia lacks a robust charging infrastructure, Malaysia will be stuck in fossil fuels while our peers progress and modernize. As such, there is a growing awareness and shift both in the public and private sectors to recognize that building EV chargers as a CSR or green initiative itself is not a sustainable model. With the income ParkEasy generates from EV charger bays, both from both EV and non-EV users, we look to build the charging infrastructure in Malaysia so we are not left behind in the smog.

In conclusion, whether you are an EV car or not, go ahead and use these new Reserve + Shell Recharge bays.
Enjoy the future of parking while driving Malaysia into the future.