3.7 tonnes of CO2

As of 31 Aug 2019, we’re happy to announce that users charging at Reserve + Shell Recharge locations have collectively avoided 3.7 TONNES of CO₂ from entering the atmosphere!

The whole team at ParkEasy are super psyched to be able to announce this news. We are forever grateful for your support. Thank you for achieving this milestone together with us. We hope you feel just as psyched too and that every time you use ParkEasy, you can smile knowing that all the numbers add up to something pretty awesome :) We’ll keep you updated from time to time as this number grows!

Here is a list of Reserve + Shell Recharge locations:

  1. iOi City Mall, 2 bays

  2. Sunway Pyramid, 5 bays

  3. Lot 10, 2 bays

  4. Sunway Velocity, 2 bays

  5. Sunway Pinnacle, 3 bays

Click here for the Reserve + Shell Recharge FAQ.

Not driving an electric car?

No problem! All cars are welcome to park at Reserve + Shell Recharge locations. Even if you’re not an electric car, your reservation helps too. Learn more here.

How we calculate CO₂ emission savings

1 kWh charged = 0.75 kg of avoided CO₂ emissions


  • CO₂ emissions from fuel combustion is avoided when electricity is used for road travel.

  • On average, fuel combustion emits 150 grams of CO₂ per kilometer of road travel.

  • Electricity on the other hand, does not emit any CO₂ per kilometer of road travel.

  • On average, 1 kWh of electricity charge delivers 5 kilometers of road travel.

  • For this model, we exclude CO₂ emissions generated from:

    • The transport and refinery of fuel; and

    • The generation and distribution of electricity.

  • Therefore, 1 kWh charged = 0.75 kg of avoided CO₂ emissions.