The Future of Valet for only RM1

Update: This blog entry was made in 2017 and as such pricing information may be outdated, please refer to the ParkEasy app itself for the up to date parking fees. Thanks.

Gone are the days where valet is a service used only by those who can afford it. In a time where every Ringgit counts, Malaysian startup ParkEasy has released a new service offering to help with the hard times. Launching on 14 January, ParkEasy’s new ParkEasy Reserve service gives you the convenience of valet at just RM1.

Using the ParkEasy app, you can now check for parking availability in iOi City Mall. If you see parking available, you can then use the app to reserve a spot. Then, as long as you arrive within 1 hour of your booking time, the bay will be kept just for you to park.

Upon arriving, you will see that your parking bay is reserved via a smart parking barrier. Just tap a button on your ParkEasy app, and the barrier will then lower for you to park your car. Easy!


ParkEasy Barrier Gif.gif

For this service, ParkEasy charges only 1 ParkEasy credit and each new user account already has 10 free credits. Just like a regular movie ticket booking fee, it is a one-off booking fee and it doesn’t matter how long you park for. But don’t forget, you will still need to pay your regular parking ticket.

“Traditional valet services must charge a high price to cover salaries and insurance. By using smart hardware, we eliminate the need for on-ground supervision. And since we neither drive nor hold the customer’s keys, we need not purchase expensive insurance. All this means cost-savings that are passed on to our users.” explained Warren Chan, CEO of ParkEasy.

The ParkEasy Reserve bays in iOi City Mall are in a great location, directly one floor below the Premier Parking zone. The bays are located immediately next to the Centre Court lift lobby. This is sure to be a favourite of moviegoers as the lift can be taken straight to the GSC Cinemas entrance.


“It is ParkEasy’s vision to change the way the world parks. If the service receives a good response with many users, our next goal is to integrate the booking fee and parking ticket payment so everything can be done cashless through the app.” added Eric Tan, CTO of ParkEasy.

How to Reserve and Park at iOi City Mall


  1. Head to Carpark C

  2. Pass by Premium Parking. You will see Sephora to your left. At this point, keep left and drive down to LG (a).

  3. Take your parking ticket and proceed to the parking bay illustrated in the map above.

  4. If all fails, look out for our directions on the pillars!

How to book your parking with ParkEasy:

  1. Download the ParkEasy app

  2. Toggle to "Reserve" instead of "Share" at the bottom of your screen

  3. Choose your location as iOi City Mall

  4. Hold on to "Reserve a bay"

  5. Arrive within 1 hour and navigate to your bay

  6. Tell us you're at your spot and we'll unblock your parking!