5 reasons to go to Icescape in iOi City Mall

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There's just something therapeutic about ice skating. Some might tease it's a feminine sport but head over to iOi City Mall and Icescape will prove to you that both male and female find it an enjoyable past time. 

If you've never ice skated before, particularly in iOi City Mall, these are 5 reasons why you should.

1. Skate like an Olympian. 
Okay, sort of. Icescape is the first and only Olympic sized Ice Skating Rink in Malaysia. So if you ever want to brag you did anything like an Olympian without doing any hard work, say you skated like one.

2. Awesome Prices
You're looking at spending RM30 on a weekday and RM35 on the weekend, school/public holiday. If you want to just tag along as a visitor and not skate, it's RM5 per entry. Pretty good for a top notch ice skating rink!

3. Awesome Coaches
If you're the type A kiasu person that needs to be the best, they even provide coaching lessons! You could walk in, or schedule a private or group coaching and the price ranges from RM65 per person to RM380. But RM380 gets you 5 one-on-one lessons with their head coach. Don't play play, their ice rink manager, Mr. Phua was trained by the Olympic coach, Matthew Smith in Los Angeles, USA. He also performed in "Disney On Ice", the world's largest ice show!

4. Rails
And if you're the type that likes to wing it and play it by ear, Icescape designed rails to aid inexperienced ice skaters. All you've got to do is keep your foot on the ice and shuffle forward.

5. These penguins!
Aren't these the cutest things?! These are Penguin Skating Aid for kids. Though, I suppose if you insist, you could use 'em too. These go for RM30 per hour, money is no object to your kid's safety. 

Image credit to hiphippopo.com

Image credit to hiphippopo.com

Head over to Icescape iOi City Mall and get your Blades of Glory on. But before you do, reserve your carpark in iOi City Mall to save time on parking and spend more time on ice!  

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