ParkEasy, park safely.



You might have noticed in the recent update that ParkEasy parkers are now protected by Allianz Malaysia. So  recently, Allianz and ParkEasy has formed a beautiful partnership to keep you safe, and it’s entirely free. 

Allianz is notably one of Malaysia’s top auto insurance companies, which is kind of why we’re ecstatic to team up with them.

It all started off with Allianz approaching us for a collaboration. But before anything, we had to decide what exactly we want to insure. So, we sent out surveys and wanted to see what our users would like to have insured. Also, since drivers already have car insurance, we didn’t want to provide benefits you already have.

We found that the majority of users would like their personal belongings to be insured. Second to that is insuring their personal safety.

Get insured for up to RM1,500

We decided it’s best to provide our users with the coverage of accidents involving self and their personal belonging:

1.   Accidental Death/ Permanent Disablement – Sum Insured of RM1,000

2.   Break – in / Snatch Theft – Sum Insured of RM 1,500

Accidents involving accidental death or permanent disablement refers to your injury while in the designated shopping mall.

Accidents involves break-in or snatch theft refers to your loss and or injury while in the designated shopping mall.

It’s not a claim, it’s a relief

Unlike a claim where you’re only reimbursed for only the damages caused, ParkEasy is offering you a relief. In the event that you do face an accident causing break-in or snatch theft, you will be compensated for the full sum of RM1,500.

Make your claim

There’s a few things you’ll have to do to claim your insurance. Firstly, these are the documents required:

1.       Mall management incident report

2.       Onsite photo of break-in and physical damage of named vehicle due to break-in

3.       Police Report

4.       E-payment form

It is important to note that this coverage is subject to a police report and mall management report being lodged within the twenty four hours of the incident of break-in or theft.

Things you need to know

There is no application form. Once you’ve made an account, you’re already entitled to this insurance package.  

How much do you have to pay? None at all! This coverage is completely free

Of course, to use this app, you’d have to be parking at shopping malls available to ParkEasy. To validate this, you need to make sure that you have allowed ParkEasy location services. This insurance is only applicable to ParkEasy listed shopping malls.

If you’d like to know in full detail the specifics of the insurance, you may look at the product summary sheet here.