ParkEasy Reserve + Shell Recharge @ IOI City Mall


Parking at IOI City Mall @PutraJaya has just got easier. We are pleased to announce that from 11th February 2019 onward, you may now reserve a parking spot on demand at IOI City Mall using ParkEasy! What’s more, these bays are equipped with EV chargers. This means our valued customers driving EVs may also charge while they go about their day! How cool is that? We call this service ParkEasy Reserve + Shell Recharge and plan to release more bays with EV charging facilities in the near future.

How to find these bays


Location: CarPark P1, right in front of Tesco Entrance travelator.

Please take note that to locate this bays easily, you must enter from P1 Entrance entering from the main road of SKVE turning into IOI City Mall PutraJaya.

Image 13-02-19 at 4.19 PM.jpg
to find the bays at ease, it is important to enter this entrance that directly into p1

to find the bays at ease, it is important to enter this entrance that directly into p1

ParkEasy Rate

Booking fee: 6 Cr (weekdays); 8 Cr (weekends)
Hourly fee: 3.8 Cr
These rates are for the ParkEasy service, regular parking rates charged by the building still apply.

1 Credit = RM1
The Booking Fee is a per entry fee that is charged to reserve the car park for up to 1 hour until your arrival.
The Hourly Fee is charged per hour that your vehicle is occupying the bay.

What is ParkEasy?

For those of you new to ParkEasy, ParkEasy is an app that allows you to reserve parking spaces selected locations. This means that you don't need to worry about parking at IOI City Mall anymore. Make sure to download the app at, then follow these steps to use our service:

Step 1 - Tap Choose a location and select IOI City Mall.

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Step 2 - To reserve a bay, press and hold Confirm Reservation! 


Step 3 - Arrive within 1 hour to the bay. Use Tap here for directions! to navigate via GPS. When you arrive, press and hold I'm here, unlock my bay and the barrier will lower for you to park. 


Step 4 - When your barrier is down, just park in your bay and press I've Parked! and you are good to go.


Step 5 - Enjoy! And when you are leaving your parking, just press the “End session” and “I’ve moved my car”, and you can be on your way.


ParkEasy can be downloaded in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. And for now, new user accounts comes with free credits for PARKING!

Why wait? Enjoy the convenience of ParkEasy today!