New Location: Tesco Escalator @ IOI City Mall

So 3 weeks ago we announced our VIP bays next to Premier Parking. Today, we're happy to announce 15 news bays located at P1 right next to the Tesco escalator!


Unlike our bays at LGa that are available on weekends only, these new P1 bays will be available every day, 24 hrs a day.


Since this escalator is for Tesco shoppers, it is the type of escalator that can support shopping trolleys. Naturally, this means that it's suitable for baby strollers too. So remember that time you had to wait forever for the elevator only to find out it was full when it arrived? Well, with ParkEasy, that won't happen again.

Aside from Tesco, these bays give convenient access to the East Wing - Index Living Mall, Harvey Norman, Icescape, Uniqlo, etc.

Capture 1.PNG

The reservation fee for these new car parks is 4 credits on weekdays, and 5 credits on weekends. You have a whole 1 hour from when you make the reservation to claim your spot. To learn how to get credits, see here.