You can now reserve street parking on Jalan Telawi on Sundays

Have you ever seen a car park that's blocked even though the shop that owns it is closed? Well by working with shop owners, we now offer those street parking spaces when shop owners don't need them - unlocking car park space that would otherwise be wasted. And it's with great excitement that we announce the latest addition to our list of street parking locations at Bangsar, Jalan Telawi - The Sartorial. 

Outside view of the new parking space (please note that the floor is not actually painted purple)

As you may already know, we have other spots in Bangsar Telawi that are only available at night, but our new bay at The Sartorial is available all day on Sunday (as well as daily at night). 


So if you're one of many who enjoy a Sunday brunch in Bangsar, be sure to guarantee your car park with ParkEasy

Here's how: 

Step 1 - Tap Choose a location and select Bangsar Telawi - Sartorial

Step 2 - Press and hold Reserve a bay! 

Sartorial Reservation

Step 3 - Arrive within 1 hour to the bay. Use Tap here for directions! to navigate via GPS.

Step 4 - When you arrive, press and hold I'm here, unlock my bay and the barrier will lower for you to park. 

Ticket Page

Voila! Enjoy your car park and your Sunday brunch. 

Here's more information on street parking by ParkEasy.