60 Days into 2016, What Say We ?

ParkEasy has recently gone Open Beta (download here), and that means the office is getting much more busier and exciting. In the midst of pushing for more wins, let’s talk about what has changed, and what we are learning since the beginning of this year.

In the space where our ideas flow, ParkEasy office has expanded from 360 sqft to 720 sqft. After months of squeezing way-too-many-people in a small office, we had to get ourselves more space to grow bigger, putting in more hard work. Think buying one-size bigger pants to prepare for the weight you’ll put on before holidays (okay maybe not). Jokes aside, as much as the entrepreneurial spirit burns in us, we know while adapting to change we should also:

always be prepared for more.

The team is also growing with people getting their hands on more responsibilities, and going out of comfort zone doing new things (I won’t go into how working in a startup itself is already considered as one, “comfort zone” in this context refers to job scope, not career choice); Sometimes it gets a little awkward working with new team members while sometimes saying goodbye to some is unavoidable. However, t’s really pretty exciting to see how everyone is stretching and growing themselves. We are embracing this! So,

stretch yourself.

So here’s a sharing of our 2 simple takeaways, and we really wanted to say — WE ARE EXCITED!

Us in the office, what say we keep getting ready for more and do more?