Call your parking partner

ParkEasy Call Feature

Ever notice that little call button on our app? If you thought that it connects you to your matched parker, you're not alone. As it turns out, everyone thought our helpline button was a way to talk to each other.

Why didn't we think of that?

Origin of the 'Call Button'

After multiple “accidental” calls and ad hoc message delivering, we decided enough is enough. 

We brainstormed multiple ways to go about this problem. At one hand, we could just connect users like a normal phone call would, but that would risk users giving out their phone number to other users. 

Decisions, decisions.

So we thought, what if we made users acknowledge that to use this “call” function, they’d have to be willing to display their phone number? Similar to Whatsapp’s “last seen” function, only users that authorise ParkEasy to display their phone numbers could communicate with each other.

We kind of liked that idea, then the possibility of only the minority would allow their phone numbers to be seen. Wouldn’t the call function be redundant then?

The Verdict

Eventually we decided that our user's safety was our upmost priority. So we decided that instead of calling via phone line, users call with their data instead!

Now everyone can connect with their parking partner without compromising their identity. Also, because you’re calling on data, the call is (somewhat) free!

And if you're part of the minority that actually do want to talk to us, just click on the “Help” tab on the right side of the app, and we'll answer your call. 

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Stay tuned for our next update!