What is ParkEasy?

ParkEasy is a mobile app available on both iOS and Android that allows you to reserve your car park in select locations. 

Where is the ParkEasy service available?

We are currently available on weekends at iOi City Mall, Putrajaya, and are expanding to new locations soon.

How to use ParkEasy

Making a parking reservation

Step 1 - Download and login via mobile number or Facebook
Step 2 - Select the shopping mall you wish to reserve and press "Reserve"
Step 3 - Easy! Arrive within 1 hour to claim your easy parking spot

Claiming your parking reservation

Step 1- *IMPORTANT* Use our GPS navigation to drive to the CORRECT shopping mall entrance
Step 2 - Once indoors, GPS will not work. So follow our signage to your reserved parking bay
Step 3 - Your bay will be reserved by a parking lock. Tap Unblock in the app to unblock the bay to park!

Leaving the car park

Step 1 - Make sure you've paid your normal parking ticket
Step 2 - Leave the parking bay. And check that the lock comes up automatically (within 5 seconds).
Step 3 - Leave the shopping mall! 

Can I cancel my ticket?

Yes. Just open your e-ticket and select "Cancel" on the bottom of the ticket. There is no refund for cancelling your ticket. However, you ensure that others may enjoy parking spot becomes available for others to reserve :)

What if I cannot arrive within 1 hour?

Your reservation will be forfeit so that it becomes available for others to reserve as well.

Will the barrier rise while I am parking?

After you have unlocked the parking barrier, it will not come up unless it detects there is no car for 2 mins. 

iOi City Mall

How do I get to the ParkEasy Reserve area?

After you have made a reservation. Please click on the link for "Navigate to car park entrance". This link will open in your default navigation app and take you to the CORRECT mall entrance. From there, GPS will no longer work, so follow the ParkEasy Reserve signage to get to the ParkEasy Reserve area.

What happens if the entrance is blocked?

Just tell the security guard blocking the entrance that you are using ParkEasy and he will allow you thru.

What is the clearance height?

1.8m. The ParkEasy area in iOi City Mall is not suitable for high vehicles. 

What is surge pricing?

Surge pricing helps to manage demand and ensure better car park availability by increasing and decreasing the reservation fee according to availability. When there are many bays available, the price will decrease; and when there are few bays available, the price will increase. 

Street Parking

What is ParkEasy street parking?

Right now, there are many shop lots who rent car park bays from the local municipal council. After the shop closes, their car park bay is still locked and no one can park. We have partnered with shop lots and through this partnership, we are able to offer ParkEasy users the ability to reserve these street parking lots after the shop has closed.

How do I use these bays?

Step 1: Reserve the location you want
Step 2: Use GPS to navigate to the exact car park bay
Step 3: Tap “Unlock” on the e-ticket to unlock your bay and park!

Why do shop owners want to partner with ParkEasy?

Even though their car park is marked "SEWA KHAS", many people don't care and just park. So they place chairs, parking cones, signs, tyres etc. to protect their car park. This is inconvenient as the shop owner must manually move it whenever someone parks. That’s why shop owners enjoy ParkEasy’s hardware which is automatic and is controlled with a normal remote control.

I am a shop lot owner/tenant and I have a car park bay, can I partner?

Yes, you can! Please do contact us at or 017 264 6833 and we’ll be happy to help.

I really would like this service at X, how do I let you know?

Inside the app, tap “Choose a location”. Then, you will see an option to “Suggest new location”. Please use that function to tell us where you would like ParkEasy! :)