Automatic Parking Barrier

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As a special deal to Sunway Resort Suite tenants only, we are offering Automatic Parking Barriers at a discount. If interested, please fill in the form below by Sun, 13 Aug 2017.

Filling in the form is for expression of interest only. After 13 Aug, we will contact all interested tenants to confirm whether to proceed.


Retail price per unit = RM600
If <11 tenants interested, price per unit = RM499
If >10 tenants interested, price per unit = RM345
Installation price per unit = RM50

Product Overview

The ParkEasy Automatic Barrier is controlled by remote control similar to what you would use for an auto-gate. By using a remote control, tenants no longer have to stop and get out of their car to place a barrier on their car park. The barrier can be raised and lowered via remote all while sitting in the car itself. 

Convenience aside, the barrier has several other key design features. Firstly, it has a flexible barrier arm design that allows it to be hit. Upon being hit, an alarm noise is sounded and the barrier will raise itself within 5 seconds. Should a car fail to remove itself before the barrier rises, the barrier will cause serious damage to the unauthorized parker. Secondly, the barrier is waterproof which ensures that any rain or oil leaked onto the barrier will not cause harm. Lastly, the barrier is installed with 4 D-type batteries that can be easily bought in stores. These batteries will last up to 3 months under heavy usage.  


Grab this special offer for Sunway Resort Suite tenants. Fill the form above to express your interest.