Head of Marketing

Are you a marketing pro who’s experienced, fun, and versatile? Join our team to make ParkEasy’s marketing as awesome as you are! In a nutshell, your goal as part of the team will be to get more and more people to use our app—both new and existing users.


  • Manage and maintain brand identity including copywriting for social media, website and app
  • Generate and manage Facebook content, messages and comments
  • Execute and optimize Facebook Ads using Power Editor
  • Utilise Google Adwords to run Google Ads including GDN and Search
  • Update website and App Store/ Google Play Store using SEO and ASO
  • Track app downloads and trends using Google Analytics
  • Strategise and execute marketing campaigns, and work together with creative agency or appointed PR agency for campaigns when needed
  • Garner consumer insights including collecting feedback from users
  • Look out for exhibition opportunities to reach out to ParkEasy target audience
  • Speak to media vendors to explore possible media platforms to promote ParkEasy
  • TL;DR: Get more and more people to use the app, both new and existing users.


  • Strong background in Online marketing, particularly Google Adwords and Facebook Power Editor
  • Familiar with Google Analytics
  • Love looking at statistics,  trends and good at analysis
  • Creative in copywriting, fun and have guts!
  • Proactive, critical thinker and fast self-learner
  • Highly adaptive to fast changing environment
  • Holds a Diploma or Degree in advertising or marketing related course
  • Has at least 2 years working experience in marketing, or a media agency
  • Speaks and writes excellent English… Manglish is a plus but not required
  • Believes in ParkEasy's values and vision.